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Fed up of the usual gift card ? Try sending a paper bear with messages to someone you care about, created by SUCK UK.

It can sometimes be a bit hard picking out the best card for someone from the card shelves, looking at different designs and prices and messages. Maybe all look similar or you find one but the message insidewas not what you were looking for or maybe also the worry that someone may have bought the same card as you, so why not try sending a paper bear instead. We think this is such a creative and fun way to send messages and putting your personal stamp to a gift for someone you care about for birthday, special occasion or maybe just a message to a good friend just because you wanted to.

Whether you want to bring out the artistic nature in a loved one, or get hands on yourself with some pens and paint, the Paper Teddy is perfect for adding a some creativity to a gift. The bear is made from paper-like plastic going by the description it “repels water and won’t rip, yet remains perfectly crisp and easy to decorate however you would desire! Pens, paints, pencils or eve dyes, all make a great addition to this interactive art project.”

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Again from the description

“Even better, The Paper Teddy can be sent through the post, with your doodles and messages remaining intact! Just fix and address and stamp on to the Bear and post it in the letter box (or maybe at the local post office, unless you can get him to squeeze through the hole!). To post the Paper Teddy to an address in the UK please stick on at least 4 first class stamps.”

Imagine getting a customised gift through the post will be so suprising, besides from a creative gift to give someone it can also be good keepsake.

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Image via amazon

If the bear is not for you, you also have the option for paper monkey instead. For the cheeky ones in the family 🙂 They can also be purchased also at