We have found some adorable cute lighting for your home, adding a bit of creative and fun atmosphere to the room.

Boba Tea Light

Calling out to all boba lovers, are you a boba lover ? or know someone who loves it ? Why not treat yourself to this boba tea light or to give this as a present to someone you know.

Really cute and fun boba light for those boba lovers out there. Will be a fun and creative gift for a boba drink lover. Also to make this even more cool and quirky the balls inside move !

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Dinosaur night lights

Not so scary dinosaurs for the bedroom, cute lighting available as a T-Rex, Stegosaurus, or Triceratops.

Will be a cute and exciting gift for anyone who is into their dinosaurs.

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Ramen Night Light

A little light from something you may remember eating during those long nights or when you feel like having a snack in the middle of the night.

Who doesn’t love ramen ? This night light may change those who don’t 😀

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Little bao dumpling light

For those who like there cha siu, chicken, pork or any other dumplings, this light may make you crave them during the night. Would be a nice gift for a foodie or someone who just likes there dumplings or dim sum.

Really cute dumpling light just don’t mistakenly eat it !

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Super Mario mushroom light

Nice little light for those who likes Mario and his friends there is the choice of “power-up” or “1-up” mushroom.

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Yoshi Light

Adorable light for those who like Yoshi and Nintendo. If only it hatches aswell then you could have your own Yoshi to sit on !

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Panda Light

Cute and adorable panda light for the office or home, for those who love pandas. From the website it is handmade and made from Glass, Plastic, Wood.

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Cloud lights

Simple but cute cloud lights for the home. From the website

“Durable eco friendly child safe lights that serve a dual purpose – cute little toys that emit a soothing glow at night to help little ones drift off.”

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Images via firebox.com, etsy.com and notonthehighstreet.com