We all know someone who who has green thumbs in the family or in your friend group. Wondering what gift to give them ?

Brighten up their day with some of the plant gift ideas below or if you are the gardener and planter in your group why not treat yourself with these gifts.

  1. Grow your own plant

    For a plant or gardening lover why not give them a gift which is simply to grow a new plant for their home, another baby plant to add to their plant collection or your own collection.


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  2. Herb pencils

    Creative, unique gift to give someone and also very useful. Can maybe give this to someone who is a writer and a plant lover. Currently comes in a set of 5 pencils: “basil, coriander, mint, sunflower, cherry tomato and thyme” so can be a starter kit to a new gardener. For more information check it out at

  3. Plant and cactus prints

    Simple gift idea, a print of plants and also cactus other than decorating your plant lover or your home with plants why not add a picture of plants on the wall aswell

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  4. Plant, cactus candles
    Cute plant tea lights to brighten even more the homes of plant lovers


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  5. Cute and adorable plant pots

    These cute plant pots would brighten an indoor gardeners day. Usually you wont associate bread with plants but we think this one works.

    For information click on the images below

    Or to mix up a bit why not a canvas plant pot


    Or still looking for something a bit different why not have a look at this unique and different book ends

    Currently can be found at
  6. Message beanstalk seeds

    Unique gift for a plant lover, messages on a plant when it grows

  7. Fun self watering planters

    Fun and creative self animal planters, for those who may forget to water their little green friends once in a while this little gift may come in useful.

    Can currently be found at
  8. Fern bracelet

    Take the nature with you where you go with this fern bracelet, simple and cute gift

  9. Cactus key chain

    Personalised Mini Terrarium Cactus Keychain, a cute but also bit of fun for those friends who love their plants and also like to have a little chuckle

  10. Leaf and cactus bags

    Unique and creative leaf backpacks and fun cactus bags for those little errands you need to run

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  11. Flowers

    Why not just keep it simple and send a gift wrapped fresh flower botanical box

  12. Plant stickers

    Cute and fun stickers to stick on the window or walls or somewhere to brighten up their day.

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  13. Don’t forget to gift wrap

    If its a gift to a plant lover or gardener why not gift wrap the gift with these gift wrapping accessory ideas

Hopefully these ideas help you find the gift you are looking for ! Feel free to check out our other gift ideas.