Check out these fun and unique coasters to have with your hot mug of tea or coffee. When enjoying your daily coffee or tea, why not use these coasters to add a bit of fun they can also be a conversation start when you have guests over for tea.

If you are looking for a gift or present for a coffee lover or tea lover hopefully these coasters help with your search.

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1. Button Coasters

Large button coasters to hold up your hot brew, looks cute and would make a great addition a tea or coffee lovers home


2. Sheepad Felt Coaster

Original and unique design, will be a conversation start when you have guests round but also will add a bit of warmth and fun at home.

3. Pallet coasters

Mostly associated with construction or in warehouses these small pallets will hold up your mug of tea or coffee instead. From the site these pallets are made from real recycled pallets and can be personalised to make it little bit more special.


4. Chunky digestive biscuits

Unique and fun coasters, aswell as having your normal biscuits with your tea why not have these biscuits styled coasters. Nice gift for tea lovers but also biscuits lovers.


5. Jigsaw coasters

A little puzzle whilst you have your afternoon tea, pretty easy with 4 pieces but its a bit of fun and also will definitely be a good conversation starter if you have guests coming over.


6. Cactus coasters

Add a bit of fun in your home with these cactus coasters, join them up when you are not using them to build up a “plant” for the home.