Looking for a unique and awesome jewelry gift idea ? Check out these creative rings below. Would be a great jewelry gift idea for someone special for their birthday, for anniversaries or for a special occasion, if you are wanting to treat yourself this maybe for you aswell.

We love these rings, which we hope you do to. These rings take you to another place with their design from snowy mountains to snowy woodlands. We came across these rings from Secret Wood, Secret Wood is a company which has been handcrafting wood and resin jewelry in Vancouver, Canada since December 2015, some examples are shown below for more information and to purchase visit their siteĀ mysecretwood.com

Images via mysecretwood.com

If you are looking for some other selection you are able to get similar versions of the ring from Etsy, below are some of the rings we love from the site.

Click on the images to get more information but also see other jewelry design ideas also.