Looking for a gift for someones birthday ? Do you love coffee or Starbucks ? These Starbucks inspired gift ideas may be what you are looking for from phone chargers to jewelry, hope you like them as we do. Creative and useful gifts for a friend or Starbucks lovers.

1. Starbucks Candles

Have the smell of the Starbucks coffee shop in your house with these Starbucks scented candles with different styles of candles, light up your room in the house but also get the smell of coffee. Three examples are shown below and can be bought from Etsy.com click on the images to get more information or the link below

Candle 1
Candle 2
Candle 3

2. Starbucks Charger

Quirky looking phone charger, in a frappuccino style cup comes in green or pink and can be bought at Amazon, just click here for more information.

3. Starbucks Personalized Cups

Personalised Starbucks cup with your name on them, two different styles below for more information click on the links below

Personalised Cup 1
Personalised Cup 2

4. Starbucks Jewelry Rings

Add a little fun and quirkiness with these Starbucks inspired rings one is a Starbucks mug whilst the other is a mini frappuccino. Cute Jewellery as a fun gift for a coffee or Starbucks lover

Ring 1
Ring 2

5. Starbucks Phone Cases

Cute and unique Starbucks phone covers one containing Studio Ghibli’s Totoro, for more information click on the links below:

Phone Cover 1
Phone Cover 2

6. Starbucks Decal

Simple decal for your laptop, for more information and to purchase click here

7. Starbucks Socks

Another fun and quirky gift idea for those who are Starbucks fans, can be purchased here

8. Starbucks Earrings

Jewelry gift ideas, great fun gift earrings

1st Earrings
2nd Earrings

9. Starbucks travel Cup

Ok, this is an extra gift idea we have added as even though it is probably not a unique or creative one however is a classic gift idea for yourself or someone who travels alot and loves their coffee 🙂