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Give your morning a boost (Pun intended) with these really creative espresso cups.

Made by Craig Craig Kaplan’s Mathematical Art on, we love these very different, creative and fun.

Description from the site below:

“An espresso cup specially designed with fins, to ensure the successful deployment of your rocket fuel and the launch of a new day. All systems are go! Paraboloid bowl holds approximately 50 ml. Please note that Shapeways has discontinued 3D printing in Porcelain, and the versatile plastic print is not foodsafe. The cup should be considered purely decorative, and not purchased as a drinking vessel.”

So unfortunately it seems it can no longer be used to used for coffee or any other drink but will still look great in your home as home decor, maybe put in a little plant inside instead so a small plant pot for the home. For more information or you want to buy, you can find at the link below :

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