Some creative and fun brooches and necklaces we have found when looking around.


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“Into the Fold

Though the Japanese art of folding paper may well be centuries old, you can’t deny the modern look of these origami-inspired sterling silver necklaces. Featuring five beloved animals—from the sliest of foxes to the tallest, proudest penguin—each brings a bit of personality to your look, and Sue Beatrice’s delicate handiwork ensures they appear as fine as folded paper. Subtle yet playful, they’re a spirited addition to any jewelry box. Handmade in New York.” 




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Some Creative,unique and cute animal brooches, available animals include Polar Bear, Elephant, Fox, Rabbit, koala.

Will make a good gift to animal lovers or even just for yourself for your clothes or bags for example 





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A unique and different brooch gift for dog lovers or yourself measuring at 3.6 x 1.2 cm. This Dachshund will be good company 




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Cute little gift for cat lovers, small cat paws made out of enamel for Clothes,Bags,Backpacks or Jackets.