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2D bags which jump out from the company JumpFromPaper, which the bags litterally do, they jump out and stand out from their environment. We love these bags very different creative and also fun, imagine walking down the street with this will certainly catch someones attention.

These bags are created by and they do a range of colours and styles ranging from backpacks, shoulder bags and handbags.

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They even do wallet and purses if you are looking for something smaller. These will be a good gift to make someone’s day or even just a new bag for yourself because … why not !

We like the style and range of colours of these bags currently you can purchase them from : 


As an extra from the JumpFromPaper website you can also purchase graffitti bags which you can design yourself it comes in black and white so you can let your own creativity loose ! So a good gift for someone creative or children to keep them busy designing their own bags.

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Monochrome Graffitti Collection